How to setup retargeting (Udemy course!)

Learn how to follow your site visitors on Adwords (GDN Network), YouTube, Facebook, AdRoll, PerfectAudience & Google Analytics.

Yes – this is legal! and pretty much used by all advertising agencies in the U.S. Its cheap and very effective to get more sales and keep your site on top of mind with users.

So.. what is retargeting? Watch this video if you never heard of that before.

How does this help your site/conversion rates:
– User will think you are advertising everywhere which will create an image that your site/brand is huge and trustworthy.
– You can show ads specifically to visitors that took a certain actions on your site (i.e they went to your sales page and left, they already purchased products for you and you want them to come back for more, etc… – whatever you can think off!!)

What am I going to get from this course?
– Over 39 lectures and 3 hours of content!
– Ability to setup remarketing/retargeting on Adwords, YouTube, Facebook, AdRoll, PerfectAudience, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
– Start setting up remarketing campaign yourself
– Ability to measure & report on retargeting/remarketing campaigns
– Become a consultant on retargeting/remarketing campaign setup and optimization
– Become an EXPERT in all areas of retargeting/remarketing
– Ability to optimize and guide others on retargeting/remarketing best practices

After taking this course you WILL become an expert on retargeting/remarketing;
1. Find what opportunities there are on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and AdRoll to reach your existing audience!
2. See how to use Google AdWords for conversions with live hands on advertising campaign creation for online sales using remarketing campaigns through Google Analytics targeted at previous website visitors and previous YouTube channel viewers.
3. Explore retargeting ads on Facebook, YouTube, and AdRoll with hands on tutorials showing you exactly how to make your ads and optimize them!

Are there any prerequisites?
There are NO prerequisites to taking this course. You don’t need to know code, paid marketing or ANYTHING in digital marketing to take this course. Having a website is definitely a plus, however is not required. The course is designed for all user levels and is structured in the most effective way possible for maximum learning and implementation.

Material & Follow-up
Each and every section of the course contains downloadable material that will help you remember and better expand your knowledge in the subject. The downloadable material is there to assist and confirm what you have learned. Every section contains video, audio and live presentations to help you become an expert in the subject quickly. I have also made sure that all my students will have the ability to interact with me and ask me any questions that they feel are necessary to grow their knowledge.

[I]This is not your ordinary course![/I] This course is designed from beginning to end with the intention to get you to become an expert/consultant in this area. Retargeting/remarketing has long been a best kept secret by agencies and expert marketers, however that’s all about to change.

Learn how to setup retargeting today!