How to build HTML5 Banners for Adwords

There has been a lot of questions and interest about HTML5 Banners, how to build them and why they are considered important! Its very simple, HTML5 Banners are built to be light on servers (they are usually less than 150kb), animated (which attracts the users attention) and are preferred with Google Adwords. So why not start using them?

Follow these 14 steps and you can easily create your own banners without any technical skills:

  1. To start download “Google Web Designer” here, a new google tool still in beta version
  2. Go to “Theme Forest” website (
  3. Hit “Marketing” and choose “Google Web Designer Ads”
  4. Sort list by “Best Sellers” – our recommendation.
  5. Navigate through the templates to find the one the matches your campaign needs
  6. Purchase your template and download it (it comes in a .zip file)
  7. Open the folder “Source”, you will find different template designs and sizes built-in. Choose the design you like
  8. Personalize your banners in Google Web Designer: File – Open file – enter the folder in “Source” that has the template you want and choose the html file.
  9. You have to open each banner size file individually as Google Web Designer doesn’t have an option to open all of them together
    1. Once you’ve opened the html source file, go to “Codeview” and change the content (note you should keep the same text size as the original). Even if you are not familiar with css its still very easy. If you are familiar with css you can do all kinds of changes easily! We just don’t recommend messing with the pre-set animation
    2. Hit Save and Preview to see in your browser. You can also change colors, just find the section “color” in the css code and change the color code!
    3. For Logo insertion go to the chosen template folder, and change the logo file for your logo – just make sure it has the same size of the original
    4. Save to Desktop and Publish
    5. Upload the .zip file in Google Adwords, preview and save it and you are ready to start your campaign!

You don’t need a designer, you don’t need to pay 500 dollars, its very easy and simple and at a really reasonable cost! If you don’t like reading and want to watch us build the banners live, please check out this video: