What is Semalt Semalt?

What the hell is semalt.semalt?

If you check your google analytics account frequently and noticed an increase in visits from a source named as “semalt.semalt” then the below information is definitely useful to you.

Recently, there has been a surge in visits from a traffic source called “semalt.semalt.com”, which is essentially a bot/spider that crawls websites and collects data. This spider is causing havoc among analysts/analytics accounts as it skews data and makes it look like website performance is on a decline. If you recently visited your google analytics account and found this source in your acquisition reports, then you have been hit by their annoying bot/spider.

They just crawl any and all website they can find online. You don’t need to add your site to their engine or anything. They just send their bot and crawl sites with no regard toward data and have been reported to crawl about 20 – 50 times a day. As you can imagine, some users (less knowledgeable in analytics) start thinking that they are getting visibility and traffic, which is not true.