Free Helpful COVID19 Digital Resources

Free Helpful COVID19 Digital Resources


Zaid here… We know this is an uncertain time for many and we want to do our part to support the community, small business and students with whatever resources are available to me and my team!

We feel like giving back at this time of need is our obligation so here is what we are doing:

#1. My “Ultimate Guide to Retargeting course”, which is a step by step tutorial in mastering the art of digital retargeting is now 100% FREE and will stay like that until June 1! Originally valued at $598, its now $0.

Get it free using this link:

#2. If you are already doing online marketing and specifically SEO. You can now get FREE CORA reports from us. If you are not familiar with what CORA is, then you should read this: In summary, it will show you EXACTLY what you need to do, to rank on page #1 of Google.

#3. If you are already doing online marketing and specifically PPC. You can now get a FREE video audit explaining things you can do to improve your results. Originally priced at $150, its not $0. 

Get it using this link:

#4. If you need help with general business strategy, online marketing or you have specific questions related to digital advertising. I will be more than happy to jump on a 15 minute consultation call with you. You can book a time with me here:

Wait..That’s not all!

I have also compiled a list of other useful tools, courses and resources that will help your business. 

Ahrefs have made their Blogging For Business course free. 

450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free:

Facebook Blueprint Online Course:

Finally – please pass this message to anyone you think would benefit – we’d like to help as many people as we can! Here is a shortened link to save you time: 

I hope we can all help each other out during this rough time. Donating our time to help others in this time is the best we can do. 

Stay safe and healthy!

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Zaid Ammari

Zaid is a leading expert on data driven digital marketing; focusing on analytics and actionable insights from data. Founder of PPC Masterminds - he helps businesses build & run profitable data driven digital campaigns.

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