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For over 8 years PPC Masterminds has been assisting businesses of all sizes to make more money out of their paid advertising campaigns and focus on running their business. 

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Expand Your Team

Our agency’s goal is to feel like an extension of your company. The PPC Masterminds team of experts work for you and with you to create the best possible end results. Our extensive network of designers, developers, researchers, and writers can heighten any and all digital marketing projects and tasks, ensuring you’re never caught without a go-to professional. You could open a new branch to your company – or you can get us to get it done today.


A True Agency Partner

The most successful PPC, SEO, and website conversion marketing campaigns combine the best of both creativity and analytics. And when we say creative, we don’t necessarily mean things like banner ads or landing page design – we mean good business. Running a company demands a certain level of outside-the-box thinking. When combined with richly informative data and a clear-cut offer of products or services, you boost your ROI.

PPC Management Agency Transparency

Unrivaled Transparency

If you’ve worked with PPC agencies in the past, there’s a good chance you gave them the info and access and they told you they’d get back to you with results. Hey, if that’s how you want to work, we can certainly accommodate you – our glowing testimonials and wildly successful track record prove that’s a safe choice.

Data Is What Runs Our Agency

Even the most creative and exciting marketing ideas are only as strong as the data supporting them. Data is the best (and safest) way to illuminate new opportunities, highlight areas that aren’t working, and optimize the strategies based on experience and expertise. We compare that to your goals, hopeful next steps, and budget; look at new and existing marketing materials; and come up with the best possible plan of action.
We love artists. Not only do they make great PPC campaigns even better, their pure instincts can often be surprisingly reflective of the data.
However, in the hyper-competitive media age, you need an agency that goes beyond feel and instinct, one that navigates the digital landscape with cold hard facts and undeniable probability.

PPC Masterminds PPC Agency Data Driven Campaigns

Get Qualified Leads Every Single Week

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Our Weekly PPC Duties

Revenue Tracking & Analytics

Our agency utilizes the data from your analytics to create actionable insight reports for advanced retargeting and lead generation. Our goal is always to help you business get to where it wants to be. How do you want to evolve, expand, innovate, diversify? Where do you hope to be within the next week, month, quarter, year, or five years? We have all the tools and the top-tier level of expertise you need to take your web presence to new heights. Let’s do it!

PPC Management & Optimization

Our dedicated and tireless team does our namesake service. We’re a group of Google Ads and Analytics Certified experts that make it easy and straightforward to capture and convert high quality traffic. It doesn’t matter what your industry. You could be an all-new startup, a challenger brand, or an international titan, we’ll show you wow-worthy results. In fact, we even hired a Masters in Psychology team member to optimize Facebook paid ads. This is the a ppc agency that goes above and beyond in everything we do. Let us prove it to you! 

Landing Page Testing

Our development and design masters create hyper-personalized digital spaces that are universally adored by visitors. Any design that comes out of our agency are conversion optimized, SEO friendly, and marketing oriented. This approach is attractive to both the Google AI (that determines rankings) and any potential customer (who’s set to become a lifelong client). We can enhance what you already have or build from the ground up – either way, results are guaranteed. If you are looking for a ppc agency, then you came to the right place.

Ad Creation & Testing

Ads (or creatives) play an essential role in how a potential customer views your business. Its necessary to have all your messaging and brand image consistently represented across all your digital channels in the correct sizes, using your brand style/colors. Our goal is to create amazingly creative ads and continually test them to ensure potential customers keep coming back!  

Real Time Reporting

The age of manual reporting is over. There is no need for you to call and beg your marketing agency to see reports and help them explain what they mean. At PPC Masterminds, we setup real time reports so you have total transparency on what is happening in your accounts at any time!

Bid & Budget Management

We create strict rules & bid strategies to make sure you never over spend on your ads and never go over budget. We are the only a ppc agency that runs your campaigns like they are our own!

Quality Score Management

Having low quality scores can affect how much you pay for clicks and has a direct impact on your bottom line. Increasing your quality scores and maintaining them is a crucial part of what we do and is the backbone of our success

Keywords Analysis & Optimization

Keywords are the backbone of any successful PPC campaign. Before setting up campaigns, we do extensive research to figure out which keywords will provide you with the best results. We use your competitors data as well as our 5+ paid tools to come up with potential keyword lists and monitor them vigorously to ensure results.

Competitive Research & Monitoring

We have access to 5+ tools that help us monitor our competition and use the money, they already spent, to our advantage. Not only does this help us decrease costs when starting out, but also provides insights we would not have known without that data.

Retargeting Setup & Optimization

Retargeting is the most effective and cost efficient way to get customers back to your business. Most potential customers visit a business multiple times before deciding to purchase. Retargeting increases their confidence in your business and builds trust with them, by following them around the web and displaying your ads wherever they go. This keeps you on top of mind with them and help increase trust in your business.

Proven Results & Case Studies

zaid ppc masterminds founder

Zaid Ammari


I started PPC Masterminds after losing lots of money to different digital agencies. At PPC Masterminds, we don't pretend to know everything and will always add value wherever we can. Data is what drives our decisions and we implement that every step of the way!

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