Every Client Matters. A Lot.PPC marketing can be scary for any business owner for obvious reasons: it can get costly when handled carelessly. Ineffective clicks are known to cut into the company’s bottom line significantly. However, once you know what you’re doing, it’s a lot like playing a game – and the more you play,

One of the most competitive marketing landscapes, no matter the advertising channel, is a personal injury attorney. But I don’t have to tell you – just turn on the TV and wait for a commercial to come on. Chances are, a local ad for a car accident lawyer is going to air. And because of

We doubled incoming revenue for our client, a delivery service that offers a subscription model for their product, by implementing a super simple promotional email strategy.  In 2018, PPC Masterminds began testing over a three-month period to see if we could bring a delivery service client more customers — and more revenue — by implementing a