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 Last Updated May 16, 2023

By Zaid Ammari

Google Ads management can be an overwhelming task, especially with a full to-do list of other marketing tasks. But with PPC Masterminds, you can save time, maximize your advertising dollars, and get back to achieving your business goals.

We'll strategize, build, and manage your online advertising efforts to transform wasted ad spend into sustainable profitability.

Why PPC Masterminds? Paid search advertising is our specialty. That's why we put it right in our name.

In this guide to Google Ads management, we'll break down the Google Ads Account management services we offer and highlight a few things that set our 5-star rated PPC agency apart from the rest.

PPC Masterminds' Google Ads Management Services

No matter the size of your business, keeping your Google Ads (previously called Google Adwords) account running smoothly is no simple task. Hiring a Google Account Manager can be an incredibly profitable use of your advertising budget.

It's time to stop spending, and start investing! Working with a PPC Masterminds Certified Google Ads Campaign Manager saves time while maximizing profits.

Here are a few Google Ads management services our online advertising specialists offer:

Review Your Goals

The first step we take is to review your business and its marketing goals. You know your business better than anyone else, and it's our job to help connect you with customers. We'll get to know your in-house marketing team on a personal basis, ensuring we have a clear understanding of your goals.

Are you looking for someone to help with research and competitive analysis? Or are you looking for a full-service Google Ads manager who'll take complete control of your PPC efforts? PPC Masterminds offers Google Ads management service for every business size and budget.

Revenue Tracking Audits

Before starting managing an existing or a new Google Ads account - we start off with a revenue & conversion tracking audit. We dive deep into your website and make sure you are tracking all key points from the moment a user clicks on your ads.

Whether you own an e-commerce store or looking to generate leads. Our intensive reports and analytics dashboards allow to figure out exactly which keywords generate the highest return on investment. Ensure that your Google Ads work for you! We can even track which keyword leads searched to call you!

Website audit

Analysis of Prior Google Ads Campaigns

Before diving into new campaigns, we'll analyze your prior and current campaigns. Taking a deep dive into historical data provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your existing PPC advertising strategy.

What were your most lucrative keywords and your least effective landing pages? What keyword bidding strategy was the best for your marketing budget? And, where can ad copy improve to better align with your brand identity?

By comparing your campaign performance versus your marketing goals, we'll be able to create the most effective strategy going forward. Plus, we'll set clear benchmarks for future marketing campaigns.

You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing we'll make the most of your marketing budget from Day 1.

Strategy Development

Throughout this process, we'll create a personalized paid search advertising strategy. Once we've established a clear understanding of your business and its Google Ads goals, we'll review our initial strategy with your marketing team, modifying it as you see fit. Together, we'll adjust this data-driven strategy to fit your ever-growing and ever-changing marketing needs.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the cornerstone of your PPC marketing strategy. Unfortunately, keyword research tools can get pretty pricey— especially for growing businesses with tight marketing budgets. Not to mention, extensive research can take up a good deal of your time.

PPC Masterminds can aid your marketing team with time-consuming keyword analysis, providing a comprehensive list of keyword suggestions and recommendations for your keyword bidding strategy. This is done consistently to ensure your competitors are not stealing potential clients.

We'll use various research tools to ensure you're using the most lucrative words and phrases for your target audience. Then, we'll integrate these valuable keywords into compelling headlines and ad copy.

Competitive Analysis

Wondering what paid search advertising strategies your competitors are using? Our PPC specialists can provide in-depth competitor analysis to improve your strategy and set your business apart from the rest.

We'll aid in identifying key competitors and provide a useful report of the keywords, ad copy, and landing pages your competition is using. Then, we'll use these valuable insights to inform our targeting and strategic bid management.

We are also masters at conversion optimization. Looking at your competitors landing page can be very insightful assuming you know what to look for!


Copywriting can be one of the most challenging and energy draining aspects of any marketing campaign. But with the help of our experienced copywriters, writing ad copy (or text ads) has never been easier.

They'll configure all the settings and modify multiple ad variations to attract customers' attention and compel them to click. Then, they'll incorporate the results of our key word research to eliminate negative keywords and incorporate key selling points that compel users to click.


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Campaign Management

Don't have time to manage your Google Ads? Our Google Ads management team can take over day-to-day tasks of running an online advertising campaign. We'll keep you in the loop on campaign performance while clearing up your schedule for other marketing channels.

Google Ads Account Audit

Make the most of your Google Ads campaign with a Google Ads Account Audit from PPC Masterminds. We'll reveal hidden issues that need addressing, helping improve the overall performance of your account, keep your campaigns running smoothly, and maximize your PPC marketing ROI.

Our data-driven experts will examine performance trends and audience insights to unearth wasted ad spend and identify areas for potential growth.

Landing Page Creation

Landing pages can be tedious and overwhelming. PPC Masterminds can take the hassle out of creating campaign-specific post-click landing pages.

We'll help craft effective landing pages with eye catching visuals, compelling copy, and responsive designs adapted to mobile devices. Our landing page strategy is driven by your specific goals, whether that's generating leads, boosting brand awareness, or increasing conversion rates.

Need help with other web pages? We're happy to help craft website copy and drive traffic (and drive sales) through organic search results.

Ad Variation Testing

A/B testing can be intimidating to tackle on your own. But with the help of our digital marketing experts, you can test your way to your highest click-through rate, conversion rate, and ad text. We use data-driven strategies with proven results.

Offer Insight into Performance Metrics

Our work isn't finished when the campaign ends. Afterward, we'll offer insight into key metrics and valuable insight into your campaign performance. Then, we'll tweak future campaigns to continuously improve results. Our goal is to create scalable campaigns with high ROI.

Our real time Google ads report covers everything from keyword performance metrics, phone calls data, ad group performance down to what our ads management have contributed to your overall growth.

Constant Communication & Regular Reports

While some digital marketing agencies keep you in the dark, we stay in constant communication with your marketing team. Each week, you'll receive a detailed report listing exactly what we did in your account. It can be anything from:

- Quality score optimization
- Finding optimal budget for campaign daily budgets
- Landing page updates & tweaks
- Adding negative keywords to search campaigns
- Optimizing retargeting campaigns for past site visitors

You will also have access to your campaign data at any time with our real-time reporting solution. You will get access to a link will show you how your account is doing at any given time.

This is to ensure complete transparency and show you exactly how your marketing dollars were spent.

Then, we'll lay out our plan for the coming month to ensure it targets the correct marketing goals and stays within your monthly budget.

Why PPC Masterminds Is The Best Google Ads Management Agency

Finding a digital marketing agency can be easier said than done. While many agencies advertise Google Ads account management services, few follow through on the results they promise.

For over eight years, PPC Masterminds has been helping businesses of all sizes maximize ROI on their paid advertising campaigns, allowing them to focus on running their business. Here are a few things that set our online advertising services apart from the rest:

Work with PPC

A 5-Star Rating

We've received countless 5-star customer ratings on Facebook and Google. Our satisfied clients prove our experienced marketing professionals and real-time reports will be a major asset to your marketing team. Our personalized service can't be beat.

Real life experience with any type of business

We have experience with all types of businesses. From local businesses like plumbers, lawyers, doctors, physicians, etc.. to large e-commerce brands selling nationally or internationally - we have the experience to back up our strategies.

Since each business is unique, we tailor our digital marketing strategy to fit and work for your business type. Each strategy is unique to a business.

An Extension of Your Marketing Team

Our clients view us as an extension of the marketing team. The PPC Masterminds team includes an extensive network of designers, developers, researchers, and writers to improve every aspect of your Google Ads campaign.

Keeping Google in Check!

Google is continuously updating how its ad management platform works and therefore you have to keep adjusting and learning with them. This can be a very time consuming and frustrating task.

At PPC Masterminds, our account managers are always reading and up-to-date on the latest changes and are always quick to implement them.

The Perfect Balance of Creativity & Analytics

Our digital marketing team is a mix of creative and analytic types, ensuring you've got a go-to professional for every task. We'll combine the best of both with informative data, out-of-the-box thinking, and compelling copy and visuals. As a result, you can enjoy a stream of qualified leads and a Google Ads account that runs smoothly.

No Contracts

Our contract-free philosophy allows for greater flexibility with your marketing budget. In today's unpredictable times, we offer the freedom to adjust your plan to fit the parameters of your current marketing budget. We won't ever lock you into an inflexible, long-term contract.

Proven Results

PPC Masterminds has a proven track record of results. We've overseen hundreds of Google Ads campaigns, and we're more than happy to provide case studies and client examples to prove we're a safe choice.

Our glowing testimonials will put your mind at ease that you've selected the best digital marketing agency for your needs.

An All-In-One Agency

Need help with more than just Google Ads management? Our diverse team of experts can assist with every element of your digital marketing strategy. You can kiss goodbye to juggling multiple marketing agencies, and get back to maximizing your marketing dollars.

Receive a Free Proposal

PPC Masterminds offers free proposals to all prospective customers— no strings attached. It's time to stop wasting your marketing budget and start investing in your time better. Take the first step towards a more profitable digital marketing strategy by contacting us today!

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