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 Last Updated May 16, 2023

By Zaid Ammari

Ready to take your PPC advertising efforts to the next level? Hiring a Google Ads agency can make a world of difference for your in-house marketing team.

In this guide to Google Ads agencies, we'll explain everything you need to know about these PPC-focused digital marketing companies.

What Is A Google Ads Agency?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's make sure you have a clear understanding of what a Google Ads agency is and what a dedicated account manager does.

Put simply, a Google Ads agency is a digital marketing company that specializes in pay-per-click advertising (PPC for short) on Google. Their primary function is to manage your Google Ads account and assist your marketing team with its PPC efforts, including strategy development, campaign management, and reporting.

In today's growing digital marketing environment, your PPC marketing efforts can include:

Paid Search Ads

Paid search ads are the foundation of any solid digital marketing strategy. In this lucrative form of internet advertising, sponsored links appear alongside organically-ranking links on a search engine results page.

Like all PPC ads, the advertiser is only charged when the user clicks the link, not when the ad is displayed.

A Google Ads agency will do all the heavy lifting for your marketing team. They'll develop and test ads, manage your bids, oversee your campaigns, and track the results of your marketing efforts.

Google Shopping Ads

In today's world of online shopping, Google Shopping Ads are more lucrative than ever. With the help of a PPC agency, you can develop Google Shopping campaigns that ensure your products appear on relevant searches.

PPC Masterminds can help with every aspect of your Google Shopping campaigns, from selecting the most effective product assortment to developing a strong bidding strategy that'll beat out the competition.

Display Ads

The Google Display Network reaches a staggering 90% of Internet users worldwide. These visual advertisements appear as banners, sidebars, and pop-ups on millions of websites, news pages, and blogs worldwide.

Our experienced team of designers and copywriters will help you create visually-engaging ads, while our PPC experts will help craft a successful paid media strategy.

Retargeting & Remarketing

Retargeting (also known as remarketing) is an advertising strategy that focuses on highly relevant traffic. Through cookies and complex algorithms, Google will show your visual or text ads to customers who have already interacted with your business.

Working alongside your marketing team, we'll develop a custom strategy to help your business reconnect and ultimately convert these lucrative users.

Through targeted ad copy and intentional display ad designs, we'll increase your conversion rates and ROI without wasting a cent.

What Services Do Google Ads Agencies Offer?

So what does a Google Ads management company do exactly? The best way to answer this frequently asked question is to highlight the services PPC Masterminds offers:

Develop a Custom Strategy

Whether you're new to PPC marketing altogether or expanding your online advertising presence, we'll help develop a personalized Google Ads strategy. For nearly a decade, PPC Masterminds has partnered with businesses of all sizes to promote products and services across every industry.

Developing a Custom Strategy

Assign a Dedicated Account Manager

A PPC agency will assign a dedicated account manager to oversee your Google Ads account and serve as your contact point with the agency.

We'll connect you with our certified PPC expert with experience creating, monitoring, and analyzing campaigns on Google Ads. They'll happily answer any questions you have along the way.

Strategic Bid Management

Google Ads' bidding system is incredibly complex. To ensure you make the most of your marketing dollars, a PPC agency can provide strategic bid management services. They'll analyze trends, monitor competitors, and perform keyword research to develop your most profitable bidding strategy yet.

Google Analytics Integration

With PPC Masterminds, understanding customer acquisition and behavior data has never been more straightforward! Our experienced web developers can assist in integrating your Google Analytics account into your website.

By automating complex reporting and configuration tasks, you'll be able to view all your key metrics from within Google's Universal Analytics interface. Our most popular Google Analytics integrations include:

  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • Facebook
  • Hootsuite
  • Salesforce
  • CRM software

Testing Google Ads Campaigns

A PPC agency can also help strengthen your campaigns by taking advantage of Google Ads' testing tools. Thoughtfully experimenting with different ad copy, headlines, and keywords will determine which ones deliver the highest ROI. It's an essential part of any online advertising strategy.

Landing Page Design & Testing

In addition to the ads themselves, PPC Masterminds can help improve the landing pages that users land on. If you are not familiar with what a landing page is - its simply a page that you send users to directly.

Instead of users landing on your homepage and then searching for your specific service. We do them the HUGE favor of sending directly to the service/product they are looking for.

Don't underestimate the power of these post-click web pages! The correct copy, headlines, and calls to action can make all the difference when it comes to conversion rates.

Landing Page Design & Testing

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Performance Reports & Analysis

Unlike many digital marketing agencies, PPC Masterminds won't just show you the numbers. We'll explain exactly what each metric means and how it can inform and improve your strategy going forward. Here are a few key metrics our reports include:

  • Total ad spend
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Cost per conversion (CPC)

While we'll keep you up-to-date with monthly and weekly reports, you can ask for a real-time report any time you'd like. We pride ourselves on transparency, communication, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Ongoing Google Ads Management

We look at your Google ads campaign daily and optimize weekly. Whether you're advertising on the Google search network or Google display network, we look at everything from keywords to websites your ads are being displayed on and optimize based on the data.

Our goal is to ensure that your ad spend is providing results and that you never go over your budget.

Our optimization list is extensive and every week, we send out a hand written (technically hand typed!) detailed report with exactly what we did in your account and why. From adjusting ad spend to creating new smart shopping campaigns to writing ad copy - we do everything so you don't have to.

After almost 11 years of experience (as of writing this article), we know how Google ads work. Formerly Google Adwords, Google has changed tremendously over the past few years. From the creation of Google Tag Manager to remarketing ads and we have kept up with everything.

How Do I Choose A Google Ads Agency?

Finding the right digital marketing agency can make all the difference for your business. Below, we've listed key qualities to look for in an agency and highlighted why PPC Masterminds is the safe choice for your business.

Google Ads Management

Specializes in Google Ads (Previously called Google Adwords)

Every marketing agency has a slightly different focus. When it comes to Google Ads, you'll want to stick with a PPC agency that's experienced. Steer clear of firms that focus on social media or search engine optimization, as they won't be as experienced with Google Ads' comprehensive platform.

The best PPC agencies are certified Google Partners, meaning they've been recognized as one of the platform's most trusted agencies for their skills, expertise, and successful track record.

To prove we're serious about search advertising, PPC Masterminds put our specialty right in our name.

As a certified Google Partner, we're dedicated to making the most successful campaigns possible for our clients. In addition to Google search ads, our certified marketing professionals can also assist with Shopping Ads, Gmail Ads, and PPC ads on other search engines like Bing.

Flexible Approach

Unlike most digital marketing agencies, PPC Masterminds takes a contract-free approach. Our scalable strategies give clients peace of mind in today's unpredictable economy. You won't get locked into an inflexible agreement that no longer serves your marketing goals. For over eight years, we've helped businesses of all sizes increase sales and attract more leads on their own terms.

Total Transparency

Whether it's sharing client testimonials or explaining pricing plans, a good agency offers full transparency. Before your business begins working with an agency, you should have a clear understanding of what they'll be charging and what services you'll be receiving in return. Be sure to establish clear benchmarks and KPIs so both parties can know if you're on track to meet your marketing goals.

PPC Masterminds offers our clients real-time reports so they can know exactly how their ads are performing and where their marketing dollars are being spent. Our goal is to feel like an extension of your in-house marketing team. Together, we'll make the most out of every paid advertising campaign while letting you focus on business growth.

Customer Reviews & Case Studies

When it comes to finding a reputable Google Ads agency, the proof is in the pudding. Narrow your search by eliminating any agencies with negative ratings or unproven track records. It should be easy to find information about what businesses the marketing agency has worked with in the past.

PPC Masterminds prides itself on being customer-focused, and our 5-star ratings are proof. Our unrivaled transparency shows we're a safe choice for any business. We're more than happy to show real-world examples from past clients to put your mind at ease. Over the past eight years, we've worked with businesses of all sizes across all industries.

Versatile Team

The best PPC agencies boast a versatile staff of account managers, copywriters, web designers, developers, and more.

Working with PPC Masterminds, you'll gain access to a vast network of experienced marketing professionals. Whether it's overhauling your SEO strategy or setting up a Google Business profile, we've got an expert that's up for the task.

Personalized Marketing Strategy

Your business is unique, so its digital advertising should be too. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all campaigns or generic ads. Instead, we'll get to know your products and services on a personal level and develop a strategy that'll set you apart from the competition and boost sales.

If you're looking for a PPC management solution, we are it! A premier Google partner, an all 5 star rated digital marketing agency - we promise to deliver the best google ads management solution for your business.

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