Infographic Map of Car Accident Lawyer Cost Per Click by State 

 Last Updated May 14, 2023

By Zaid Ammari

One of the most competitive marketing landscapes, no matter the advertising channel, is a personal injury attorney. But I don’t have to tell you – just turn on the TV and wait for a commercial to come on. Chances are, a local ad for a car accident lawyer is going to air. And because of the fierce competition and daily demand, especially in highly-populated states, the cost to get in front of potential customers is high.

Pay-per-click marketing is no exception.

But as I recently wrote in the Forbes article How the Law Niche Proves Expensive PPC Can Pay Off, the high price can be worth it for the simple fact that the returns are high. You’d think that paying $1,000 every time someone clicks your ad would be outrageous, but people wouldn’t be spending it quarter after quarter if the ROI wasn’t adding up. And by being able to adjust strategy to optimize what’s working and eliminate what isn’t, you can continuously improve that ROI. It all adds up to a winning formula…if you have the budget.

Admittedly, the promise of great ROI isn’t going to make PPC marketing possible for all car accident attorneys. At the same time, some states have such low PPC rates while having such high search volumes that investing in this marketing strategy can look too lucrative to pass up.

So find your state below, and if it’s in red, there’s a good chance your law firm can see more green!

Here are some additional insights you can find within the data, which you might have missed:

– In general, car accident lawyer gets searched 5x more than the word car accident attorney (EXCEPTION is Rhode Island)

– In California, even though the word lawyer is searched for at least 5x more, the word attorney is $40 more expensive per click.

– Top 5 expensive states. Georgia, Indiana, Florida, Rhode Island, Nevada. You should show the actual cost! Georgia is $1000 cost PER click!

Note the two quick facts at the bottom of the infographic. The fact that “Car Accident Attorney” is $40 more expensive per click despite being search 5x less often than “Car Accident Lawyer” proves why keyword research is so crucial. And if you consider how West Virginia averages around 60 relevant searches per month while charging car accident lawyers get charged nearly $200 per click, California’s prices look like a steal.

Weigh the market against the price, read my Forbes article to give you even more insight, and if you want to take your PPC mastery to new heights – subscribe to my list. I only send out value.

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