Innovative Strategies To Increase Profits From PPC 

 Last Updated May 14, 2023

By Zaid Ammari

When utilizing pay-per-click management, you should place coupon codes in advertisements, create ads that feature the keyword phrases of competitors and put a phone number in each description. Additionally, you can create a landing page that features a video that promotes the website and reviews from real customers, and the page should contain a detailed chart that favorably compares the site's products with those of competitors. All the below strategies will help increase your ppc profits.

Bidding on the Keywords of Competing Businesses

By creating ads that have the names of competitors, you will encourage users to directly compare your company's products and services with those of competing businesses, and advertisements that feature a brand name are typically cheaper than those that are less targeted. Moreover, numerous evaluations have shown that promotions with the names of well-known competitors can increase a small company's brand recognition, boost the number of individuals who search for reviews of the business and augment the amount of users who follow the company's social media profiles.

Creating an Advertisement With a Call to Action

The description of each ad should strongly encourage visitors to buy a product or to sign up for a service because advertisements that promote action are typically more profitable than primarily informative ads. You can also include a phone number in the first line of each description, and Google now allows visitors who are using mobile devices to call an ad's phone number simply by clicking the advertisement.

If a marketer includes a promotional code in the description, the coupon code should only be valid for a limited period of time. Furthermore, one report suggested that a discount of 5 percent can augment an ad's conversion rates by approximately 19 percent.

Focusing on Local Customers

Several detailed studies have shown that more than 70 percent of individuals who have smartphones commonly search for local businesses. After visiting a nearby company's site, a local visitor is substantially more likely to make an online purchase than a user who is situated in another geographic region.

In general, local keyword phrases have much less competition than keywords that are commonly used by visitors in many areas. Consequently, ads that focus on local keywords are typically less expensive than advertisements with relatively general phrases therefore dropping costs and increasing ppc profit.

Creating a Landing Page

To boost a landing page's conversion rates, a marketer may add positive testimonials from customers and place an advertisement that provides a substantial discount in the page's upper section. According to numerous analyses, web designers can also increase a page's profits by positioning sizable links between numerous paragraphs.

The website's software should encourage customers to create accounts while they are making purchases, and one study suggested that this strategy could boost a site's sales by more than 29 percent. Moreover, the marketer can allow users to post reviews of products in order to augment the number of pageviews that each visitor generates.

Examining Analytics

Experienced marketers will typically use a software program that determines the geographic location of each visitor, the pages that every guest views, the links that a user clicks, the average cost of each lead and the profits that an ad has produced. Some businesses also offer cutting-edge software that can evaluate the strategies and the results of a company's competitors, and these programs may help advertisers to find a competing website's backlinks, posts on the social media networks and advertisements on independent sites.

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