law group, Increased Their lead Volume & decreased cost/lead while getting consistent high quality leads Weekly over week

A Law group, well known for tax law and consultations, provides its clients with tax consultants, debt solutions and tax lawyers. They have tremendous experience in the tax law business and truly understand how to provide their clients with high quality solutions in a timely manner. Being in a super competitive market, this law group, sought the help of PPC Masterminds to improve their online presence & enhance their digital paid media acquisition efforts. After a year of working together, PPC Masterminds was able to increase their lead volume, decrease their cost/lead to profitable levels while increase the quality of leads. PPC Masterminds has also expanded their efforts into multiple paid media channels and helped them adopt new strategies that continue improving results month over month. 

What We Did:

  • Smart Bidding Strategies
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Speed Optimization
  • Landing Page Testing
  • Retargeting Strategy



Increase In Leads


Decrease In Cost/Lead


Additional Marketing channels