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Shield Coart Signage Company, Builds high Converting Landing Pages

Shield Coart is a family owned business that turns your logo into art. They make custom made business signage and decor to capture the attention of your customers. Their designs and quality of work is superb and have worked with small to large corporate businesses. Their team creates signage based on a unique 3D design process that makes their quality incomparable to their competitors. 

Shield Coart asked the help of PPC Masterminds to build speedy, eye catching landing pages to reflect the same quality they provide in their signage work. PPC Masterminds was able to build superb looking landing pages that encompasses all of their great work and highlighting all the different designs created by them over the years. The landing pages were built on a high speed scalable server that decreased their cost and increased their loading time as well. We were also able to provide them with image ads that can be used in their paid marketing efforts. 

What We Did:

  • Branded PPC Campaigns
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Website Design
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Speed Optimization
  • Image Ads/Banner Creation
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Increase In Speed


Server Costs