TotenCarry Luxury Travel Luggage, Sees Profit in First month with PPC Masterminds

TotenCarry is a black owned e-commerce store selling affordable luxury bags and accessories. Their travel luggage is not only fashionable, it's also high quality and made from durable material that will last you for years! They offer free & fast shipping, a highly responsive support team and more than 50 trending designs that will elevate your look while on the road. Their products are also environmentally friendly and made to last, reducing waste. Their products range from luggage, wallets, hats, face masks to backpacks and all types of other accessories. 

Being in a highly competitive market, TotenCarry sought the help of PPC Masterminds to improve their online sales through Google Ads PPC efforts. After just one month of working together, PPC Masterminds was able to provide TotenCarry with enough sales to pay for their ads and our fees, providing them with additional revenue and sales. We were able to not only increase their sales volume with PPC, but also get a positive ROI.

What We Did:

  • SKAG PPC Structure
  • Segmented Campaigns
  • Analytics Insights
  • Smart Bidding Strategies
  • Product Optimization
  • Real Time Reports



new sales in first month


ROI In first month