Voyage Jordan Travel Agency, Triples Its Bookings & Decreases Its cost/Booking

Voyage Jordan is a well known travel agency providing authentic & unforgettable experiences to tourists in Jordan, and around the Middle East. They have extensive experience in the hospitality business and truly understand how to provide their clients with amazing experiences & adventures. They specialize in providing clients with specialized tours according to their preferences, from historic guided tours to 3 day adventurous hiking trips. Being a highly reputable brand, Voyage Jordan sought the help of PPC Masterminds to improve their online presence & enhance their acquisition efforts. After a year of working together, PPC Masterminds was able to reduce the cost per booking a whopping 65% while increasing their booking volume by 350%. PPC Masterminds has also expanded Voyage Jordan’s reach & reviews by adding other channels and adopting new strategies that continue improving results YoY.

What We Did:

  • SKAG PPC Structure
  • Smart Bidding Strategies
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Speed Optimization
  • UX Optimization 



Increase In Bookings


Decrease In Cost/Booking


Increase In ROI

-Abdulla Mqdadi

Co-Founder | VoyageJordan

"I can't believe what they did for us in one year. They added so much value and I look forward to growing our relationship with them further"