ZenFoods Diet Food Delivery, Doubles Their Leads & Lowers Their CPA

ZenFoods provides high quality nutritional meals, cooked daily and delivered to your door everyday. They offer a variety of programs, from weight loss meals, healthy lifestyle, juice cleanses to vegetarian select. All their meals are prepared daily and shipped to your doorstep every single day. They offer a huge variety of meals that you can choose from, from breakfast to desert options. You can choose different meals every day for every single course. Their menu is updated weekly and varies by season providing you with nutritious meals on the go. Their client list includes A list celebrities like Zac Efron, Denise Richards & Carrie Ann Moss (among others). ZenFoods sought the help of PPC Masterminds to increase their lead volume, increase quality of leads and decrease their overall cost/lead. After a year of working together, ZenFoods was able to decrease their cost/conversion, increase lead volume and increase average order value. This resulted in them getting a 5.5x ROI, when it was previously in the negative. PPC Masterminds was also able to decrease their over dependance on Google Ads and diversify their digital efforts to other channels. 

What We Did:

  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Seasonal Offerings
  • Multi Channel PPC
  • Analytics Deep Dives



Decrease In Cost/Lead


Decrease In Cost/Click


Increase in AOV


Increase in ROI

-Mariana Rossano

CEO | ZenFoods

"PPC Masterminds is absolutely amazing! They doubled our Google PPC conversion rate and reduced Cost-per-Acquisition by almost 50% in only a few months. Excellent customer service and very fast reply to all our emails and phone calls. Highly recommend!!"