8 Benefits Of PPC Branded Campaigns For E-com Businesses 

 Last Updated May 14, 2023

By Zaid Ammari

A branded pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is a low-cost solution that helps market your name, product, or service to potential clients. It's a high-impact solution that can boost your business dramatically without affecting your organic rankings and traffic!

PPC offers a highly effective marketing strategy that can change the face of your business. Combining non-branded and brand keywords will help increase your business visibility and generate more leads.

How? Let's find out!

Understand Branded PPC Campaigns

Branded PPC campaigns fall under the umbrella term of inbound marketing.

PPC campaigns use keywords specific to your company, such as product names (including common misspellings) and your company's name, to help your clients find you, as opposed to you finding them.

How does it do that?

PPC campaigns put you on the first page of the search engines. 

When your campaign is live, you can reach hundreds and thousands of prospects who are actively looking for you almost instantly. 

The best part? You only pay for the traffic the ad generates, which can help you stick to your budget!

7 Benefits of Using A Branded PPC Campaign For Your Business 

Branded PPC campaigns help you draw your targeted audience to your business, which can help you establish a successful online presence. There are many benefits to incorporating them into your marketing strategy, some of which we've listed below. 

They Help You Get On Top Of SERP 

Google is constantly improving upon the touch points it uses to make assumptions about user intent. This enables the search engine to generate the best possible search results for customer queries. But this process involves too many ranking factors, which can make it difficult to find the right keywords to get your business front and center. 

That's where branded PPC campaigns help. 

Branded PPC campaigns can make it easier for you to appear higher on search result pages. Even if you rank naturally for your branded keywords, it does not mean you appear at the top of SERP.

Search Engine Result Page

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Protect Your Brand From Competitors

Did you know that competitors can bid on and buy your brand names

The world of Google SERP is quite confusing as there are practically no rules (that we can comprehend) regarding company and product names and trademarks. As a result, your competitors can find branded keywords and legally bid on your brand names, and steal traffic.

With branded PPC campaigns, you can take back the power of your brand. You can include your company name or the names of your products, especially those with registered trademarks, to gain the upper hand over your competitors. 

Branded PPC campaigns will also reduce reputational risk by helping people find your brand when they search for it and keep them from being misguided by your competitors who use the same branded keywords. 

Customize Your Message to Your Target Audience

If your listing does not meet the user intent, you can kiss your chances of appearing in your target audience's feed goodbye. 

Aligning the relevance of your landing pages with your content copy is crucial yet tricky — but branded PPC campaigns can make it much easier!

PPC campaigns give you control over the type of content you use and how you use it, which also helps you determine what your prospects see when they search for what you're selling. It keeps the message you want to share relevant — with no interference from Google, which is known for changing meta descriptions to keep your message current. 

PPC campaigns are beneficial when you're running promotions, sales, etc., as you can tailor the message with links of landing pages, keywords, or placements and include snippets of reviews to drive more potential customers to your website.

Optimize Conversions

Does your current marketing campaign bring traffic to your website but fails to convert views into customers? If so, it's time to take the plunge with PPC campaigns.

PPC campaigns are designed to attract customers in the sales funnel and convert them into customers. If a customer uses a branded keyword to find you, they are most likely familiar with your company and are an ideal candidate to be interested in your offering — such as giving them incentives to make the buying decision, seeking newsletter signups, or informing them about a contest.

They're also helpful in marketing new products and services.

They Offer Multi-Layered Targeting Options

Want your business to succeed? Then, target your prospects, too, not just your customers. 

You can take a multi-layered targeting approach in Google Ads to reach a broader population of consumers. You can do this by using target keywords in your ads and focusing on specific demographics like age, locality, or interests. You can also remarket based on past behaviors; just be sure to do them on platforms your prospects use to yield conversions. 

Try and test what works best with your customers, set expectations for business goals conversions, and use strategies that give you the best results.

PPC team brainstorming

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Most Importantly, They Are Measurable

PPC campaigns are easy to measure and track. However, the effectiveness of these metrics will depend on at what funnel stage you need the most impact.

Once you're clear on that, you can focus on getting up close and personal with KPIs. This can include traffic-focused KPIs like average position, click-through rates, impressions, and quality scores and conversion-focused KPIs, including conversion rate and source and conversion tracking. These parameters will show how your campaigns perform and at which point of the sales funnel you're losing the customer. 

They also help you examine revenue-focused KPIs, which include how much you spent on reaching your ideal customer base and whether the cost-per-acquisition was in-line with your end goals. 

Low Cost Per Clicks

Your brand name isn't a popular keyword; therefore, the cost per click of your branded keyword will be relatively lock w compared to other keywords. Even if your competitor bid on your brand name, there is no need to worry because you will always pay for the lowest cost per click because of relevancy. On the other hand, your competitor will pay a premium price and most likely won't do so for an extended period.

Wrapping Up

Branded PPC campaigns are a cheap and powerful way to attract the right audience and get quick traffic and conversions. Plus, you can quick edits while your ads are running to maximize your reach and conduct A/B testing to understand what message best boosts your conversions, leads, and revenue. Branded PPC campaigns certainly make a compelling case when it comes to marketing strategies.

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